Curriculum Vitae - Mark Papiani   



Current Role

·         Feb 2006 to present: JP Morgan Chase (JPMC)Executive Director. Programme Manager: Equity Derivatives Valuation and Risk Computation.  Own fair value and risk calculations (intra-day, end of day and overnight) globally for Equity Derivatives. Additionally responsible for PnL attribution, FSA Liquidity related calculations, Equities VaR, Stress VaR, Volcker reporting, scenario and limits reporting.

o    Team of 50+: Staff at all levels up to and including Executive Director, in 5 locations (London, Glasgow, Mumbai, NY & HK) comprising of mostly permanent with some contract.

o    Responsible for strategic Equity derivatives risk strategy to rationalize systems, move all calculations closer to real-time, while reducing costs of compute grids.  Work closely with Quants and trading on delivery of most new risk functionality for the business.  Provide continual 3rd line support to meet critical 24x7 operational SLAs globally.

o    Led and delivered a multi-year, industry leading, cutting edge real-time risk transformation providing new business capability through the speed of risk computation while reducing costs by an order of magnitude through removal of 1000s of CPUs (due to increased efficiency).

o    2011 Innovation in Banking Technology Award ( for GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) Deployment for Risk Computation. GPUs accelerated risk computations by 40X compared to running them on CPUs alone and delivered over 80 percent savings:

o    2010 American Financial Technology Award ( for Best Green IT Initiative for global Platform Symphony GRID deployment globally with corresponding performance increase and hardware decrease.



·         Programme/Project/People Management: Portfolio of projects/control of staff/budget/scope, strategy, technical direction/innovation, stakeholder/business relationship management.

·         Hardware and software Technical skills, management skills and business skills (with technical BEng degree/PhD plus MBA and business training).

·         Track record of leading technical teams to successfully deliver projects with complex technology content and business change on time and within budget. Proven ability for innovation/problem solving in several different types of industries.

·         Trouble shooter: Frequently I have been asked to turnaround high-value, critical, multi-year projects that were running late and over budget and not achieving goals/business value (e.g. UBS flow/convertibles pricing, JPMC flow/convertibles pricing, JPMC risk compute transformation).

·         As a graduate hardware engineer at Siemens Plessey, fundamentally changed their development approach. Showed senior management that they should be buying in power supplies/modems etc instead of building them in-house. This saved costs and risks around regulatory approvals.

·         Strong communicator/decision maker/influencer – Weekly meetings with MD heads of IT /Trading.

·         Previous JPMC role: Before ownership of Equity Derivs Risk/Market Risk, I joined JPMC as a Programme Manager in Flow Equity Derivatives Front-Office Technology and became Head of Global Convertible Bonds Technology. Managing critical front office trading systems facing off to Global Heads of Trading desks.

·         1999 to 2006: UBS Investment Bank (Director in Equities/Derivatives IT) - Project Manager (client-facing) for a Portfolio of Global Projects (budget of several million USD, approx 15 staff permanent, contract & outsource), front office Trading (Managing Director sponsors in OTC&ETD Derivatives & Convertible Bonds).  Stakeholder relationship management.

·         Extensive experience managing/mentoring highly technical staff as well as business analysts. Staff Career management, selection, hiring/firing, mentoring, appraising, motivating

·         Publications in refereed journals (ACM, IEE, etc) and International conferences. Papers I have written are available on websites of, or cited in papers of, IBM, NASA, and the ACM.

·         Chartered Engineer with over 20 years IT experience.

·         5 years in Computer Science Research at the University of Southampton. Prototype software development for multi-tier Web/database connectivity. Lectured Java and prepared a number of research project proposals for submission to UK and European funding bodies.


Employment Summary

·         02/06-present          Executive Director                                - JP Morgan Chase

·         10/99-01/06             Director                                                - UBS Investment Bank

·         05/94-08/99             Research Assistant                               - University of Southampton

·         09/90-01/94             Principal Hardware Design Engineer    - Siemens Plessey Controls

·         10/84-10/86             Computer Programmer                        - Barclays Bank PLC


Academic Qualifications Summary

[At the time, Southampton had one of the best Engineering Faculties in the Country, rated 3rd in the World for number of cited papers (behind 2 US universities), 5 out of 5 for research, 24 out of 24 for teaching.]

·         Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Southampton, 2000. (Part-time whilst employed.)

·         B.Eng. Electrical Engineering - First Class (Hons), University of Southampton, 1990.

·         MBA – Warwick Business School - Modular/Distance Learning, Jan 2003-Mar 2010




q  Feb 2006-Present. JP Morgan Chase, 10 Aldermanbury, London 

  • Executive Director.

·         Programme Manager Equity derivatives valuation/risk and market risk calculations globally. This technology has critical 24x7 operational SLAs globally. Team size of  50+ staff .

·         As well as owning business as usual changes to valuation and risk, working closely with the front-office and Quants, I successfully lead JP Morgan’s strategic GRID Programme to run all Equities valuation and risk on a Platform Symphony GRID infrastructure using GPUs. The programme made dramatic annual cost savings through CPU reduction, whilst increasing business competitiveness through faster pricing and more timely flow and exotics risk.

·         Previous Work at JPMC:

·         Recruited/built team to stabilise/performance tune/enhance EDG Flow Market-making.

·         Delivered SwapsWire Electronic confirmation/STP booking globally after hiring team to completely re-design/re-implement it. Straight-through processing for vanillas and var swaps, deployed globally, under my management, to EMEA, Asia, Asia-Ex and the US.

·         Convertible Bonds: Defined a new global technology agenda partnering with the 3 regional business heads. Designed/architected a new global CB market-making platform and multi-year technology roadmap for CBs.





q  Oct 1999-Jan 2006. UBS Investment Bank, 100 Liverpool Street, London EC2M 2RH.

  • Director, IT Equities – Derivatives and Equity Linked IT


·         Project Manager (client-facing) for a Portfolio of Global Projects (budget of several million USD, 15 staff approx). High profile projects within front-office Equity Derivatives Trading and Sales (Managing Director sponsors in Derivatives/Convertible Bonds). 


·         Responsible for feasibility/initial estimates/cost-benefit/ risk analysis (prepare Project Initiation Forms for Derivatives Operating Committee), strategically linking projects within Derivatives/CB IT, user-requirements gathering, contribute to system architecture, functional spec, coordination of development/ QA/UAT/deployment/scheduling maintenance/enhancements and ensuring on-going production support, as well as on going project planning/control/monitoring/dependency tracking/risk analysis, staffing (interviewing, hiring, mentoring, appraising) and budgets. Business Analysis, Relationship Management, Business Change Management, Managing expectation of Traders. Daily interaction with business sponsors/users/other stakeholders.



·         2004–2006: New Derivatives Trading System - (MD Sponsors). ‘Pre-Trade Solution’ – New front-office desktop application for OTC/ETD Price negotiation/workflow between client, sales and trading to include back-office Straight Through Processing (STP) to risk/confs/settlement and new MIS around client behavior, missed trades etc.  Automate many manual back-office OTC processes. This project required CRM skills and the ability to work on culture change with a skeptical user-base who did not want to change from manual processes. Technology: Java applet, workflow for sales/trader interaction, messaging to risk system. Inherited phase 1 after approx 1 year. I was bought in to turn-around this very high-profile project that was late and failing.


·         2004:  Trading System for Yield Enhanced Products in Derivatives (Sponsors were Managing Directors for Risk Managed Products in Asia and Switzerland/ Germany). Project Manager for major enhancements to this live trading system. I was bought in to turn-around new business enhancement that was late and failing. Successfully delivered into production May 2004.


·         2003: Greenfield Front-office project to deliver a CB analytics/decision support tool (Java Client on desktop) to CB Sales (Managing Director Sponsors in UK and US including head of CB Trading). Data mining for liquidity, recent long volatility trades and orders, neutralised prices (dollar, delta/rho, etc), provide access to analytics model for CB theoretical value/implied volatility and Greeks. Several times cheaper than alternative 3rd party product. Technologies: J2EE, Java, Swing, Oracle 9i, XML, Solaris. Phase 1 - Delivered on time and within budget.


·         2002:  Project Managed the IT team that produced the award-winning External UBS Client Portal Website for Convertible Bond Research/Analytics (Sponsor was Global Head of CB Research). Also responsible for the technical architecture: This included the mechanism/protocol for data feeds from an external company (Mace), through to the delivery and display mechanism in the front-office web-based application. The application presents time-series data for convertible-bonds. Technologies: Developed temporal models for relational data (UML), J2EE, Java, Swing, Servlets, PL/SQL, Oracle 9i, XML, Web Services, Pub/Sub MOM, Apache, Tomcat, JRUN, Solaris, Linux, NT, XP. Phase 1 - Delivered to production on time and within budget in October 2002.


· 2002/2003Best Investment Bank on the Internet Award’ for UBS: PM for the Convertible Bond Website that contributed to this award. Also Best CB site March 2005.

·         Vendor Relationship Management for 3rd Party Convertible Bond Data Vendor (Mace).

·         2000/2001 - Worked on a Global Collateral Trading System implemented using TAMESIS (an e-enabled, distributed Java application server, for enterprise-wide trading systems) along with J2EE technologies (CORBA, XML, JAAS, JSDK, JDBC)/ webMethods/ActiveWorks pub/sub, and Sybase. 

o    Java development on the project and a lead role managing the Vendor relationship with TAMESIS – a central, 3rd party, technology vital to the success of the project.  Defect tracking, specifying enhancements, scheduling releases, managing on-site vendor consultants.

·         Also worked in the Architecture Department where I was responsible for producing a comprehensive technical document on E-commerce Web Development Standards and Guidelines, for global distribution to all new IT employees.



q  May 1994-Aug 1999. University of Southampton, Department of Electronics and Computer Science, Southampton SO17 1BJ.


·         Research Assistant, Concurrent Computation Group: Employed as a research assistant to Prof Tony Hey whilst he was head of department - writing funding proposals, organising events, producing talks, lecturing, part-time PhD research (Web/Java/database) and consultancy.



·         History of Art Digital Library -1998: Designed and implemented a Web-based database of digitised art images as part of the European funded Viseum project, to develop Internet applications for museums.

·         National client database for leading UK Independent Financial Advisor -1998: Liaised with over 20 different insurance companies to obtain electronic copies of the IFA’s several hundred thousand client records. Designed a unified schema and standardised and cleaned the data (DB2 and PERL).


Research Projects:

·         An Architecture for Management of Large, Distributed, Scientific Data -1999: PhD research - Web-based architecture to reduce bandwidth requirements for fast storage, searching and retrieval of large, distributed files resulting from scientific simulations. Web interface with a novel method of browsing an underlying distributed object-relational database. XML used to specify user-interface functionality and to specify interfaces to loosely couple heterogeneous, autonomous data post-processing services.  Java, JDBC, Servlets, DB2 UDB, SQL:1999 Management of External Data (SQL/MED), XML.

·         Parallel database performance - 1996: Developed C code and embedded SQL for the TPC-D Decision Support Benchmark. Used early beta of IBM’s DB2 Parallel Edition on an IBM SP2 parallel supercomputer. Bugs in DB2 PE were identified and discussed with IBM Hursley and Toronto.

·         Graphical Benchmark Information Service (GBIS) - 1995: Developed an early example of interactive, graphical web pages for displaying graphs of parallel computer benchmarks (CGI, Perl).


Lecturing / Funding Proposals:

·         Lecturing: Java Programming Course  - Designed/wrote/lectured/examined a Java course for 120 students. Introduced the key OO concepts of encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism

·         Writing Funding Proposals: To both EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) in the UK and the Commission of the European Communities. Liaison with UK and European academic/industrial collaborators to obtain input for joint funding proposals. E.g.:

  • EPSRC Proposal GR/M17259  – Problem Solving Environments for Large-Scale Simulations: Duration 3 years, commencing October 1998 (University of Southampton 175K, Cardiff 178K).

·         EU Proposal 2111 - HPC-Standards: Funded for 18 months, June 96, 200KECU.

·         Presentations and Tutorials at International Conferences:

·         Tutorial at the Euro-Par 98 International Conference – Jointly developed and presented ‘Java, the Web and Databases’ - Web/database connectivity, HTTP, CGI, Java and JDBC, and CORBA.

·         Presentations at RAPS International workshop/ British National Conference on DBs/ BCS seminar.



q  Sept 1990-Jan 1994. Siemens Plessey Controls Ltd, Sopers Lane, Poole, Dorset, BH17 7ER:


·         Principal Hardware Design Engineer: Responsible for a road traffic control system that has been sold worldwide in multi-million pound contracts. This is a data transmission system for monitoring/controlling/optimising road traffic signals city-wide.


·         Initially on Graduate Training Programme. Trained in formal, structured design, documentation and quality assurance techniques.

·         Rose to level of Principal Hardware Engineer on a project to design a traffic controller monitoring unit for the Traffic Control Systems Unit (TCSU), London.

·         Carried out work on tender, including estimate of hardware items, development time, and costs.

·         Made dramatic cost reductions, strategy change by suggesting ‘buy not build’ for key components  (modems, transformers, PSUs) whilst complying with Siemens philosophy that every component or system should have an alternative source to maintain vendor independence.

·         Solely responsible for the complete design and testing of several multi-layer surface mount PCBs.

·          Accomplished on time and within budget.  Several of my PCBs went straight through from drawing to production without requiring any rework.



q  Oct 1984-Oct 1986. Barclays Bank PLC, Barclays House, 1 Wimborne Rd, Poole, Dorset:

·         Computer Programmer:  Joined Graduate Training Programme for software developers straight from A-levels. 7-week off-site training programme, including structured design methodologies and COBOL programming. Subsequently responsible for design specifications, COBOL programming, test plans, testing. Produced client/server software for an OLTP system used for foreign currency dealing. A TANDEM computer architecture was used for fault tolerance.




¨       MBA, Warwick Business School.  Modular/Distance learning Jan 2003 – 2010.

¨       Ph.D. Computer Science, May 1994-Sept. 2000.  University of Southampton (Part-time).

·         ‘An Architecture for Management of Large, Distributed, Scientific Data’, supervisors: Prof Anthony J.G. Hey, Dr Denis A. Nicole. (Involved several years of Web-based development using Java Servlets, HTML, XML and Object-Relational Databases.)

¨       Post Graduate Open University Units, 1991-1993. Self-study whilst employed at Siemens.

·         PMT602        Real Time Monitoring Systems (Sept 91-May 92)                       - Distinction

·         PMT604        Real Time Control (May 92-Oct 92)                                               - Distinction

·         T820              Switching for Digital Telecommunications (Oct 92-May 93)     - Merit

¨       B.Eng. (Hons) Electrical Engineering - First Class Hons, Sept. 1987-June 1990. University of Southampton.

·         Bill Bright Memorial Prize, 1990 – awarded, each year, to a final year student by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

¨      Institute of Bankers Stage One Course (Banking, Economics, Accounts, and Law), 1985-1986. Bournemouth College of FE. Day release, whilst employed by Barclays Bank.

¨       1979-1984. Bournemouth Grammar School.

·         3 ‘A’ Levels: Maths/Physics/Economics (1984), 9 ‘O’ Levels (1982)




·         Engineering Council Registration – Chartered Engineer (CEng)

·         FEANI (European Federation of National Engineering Associations) Registration (Eur Ing)

·         Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS) / Chartered IT Professional (CITP)

·         Fellow of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers (FIAP)

·         Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (MIEE)

·         Member of the Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and IEEE Computer Society




·         Quant Training – JPMorgan Chase Internal QR Quant/Trader Course, 4-15 Oct, 2010.

·         Hedge Funds, Alpha Development Partnership, 7 March, 2008.

·         MBA Warwick Business School Modular/Distance Learning, Jan 2003-Mar 2010.

·         Managing within UK Law, Simmons & Simmons, London, 9 July 2003.

·         Excel 2000 VBA Programming, QA Training course ref. WNXLPG5, London, 17-21 Jan 2003.

·         Performance Management: Objective Setting/ Feedback, UBS Warburg, 14&17 Jan, 2003.

·         Options Fundamentals, UBS Warburg.

·         Interest Rates and Bonds, UBS Warburg, 18-21 Nov, 2002.

·         Microsoft Project 2000, Self-study: Microsoft Approved Step-By-Step Tutorial Book and Media, Microsoft Press, ISBN 0-7356-0920-9, 424 Pages, July, 2002.

·         Microsoft .NET Developer Training, Microsoft, London, 19-20 Feb, 2002.

·         Oracle 8i, Application Development and Tuning, Learning Tree ref. 492, London, 19-23 Nov 2001.

·         XML for B2B E-Commerce Solutions, Learning Tree ref. 544, London, 26-29 June 2001.

·         Java Servlet/JSP Web Development with IBM VisualAge, QA Training, 01-04 May 2001.

·         Introduction to Rational Rose, QA Training, London, 9 Apr 2001.

·         Collateral Trading (Securities Finance) Business Course, Fin Tuition Ltd., 12-13 Dec, 2000.

·         Enterprise Java Beans with IBM VisualAge and WebSphere, QA Training, 20-22 Nov 2000.

·         High Tech Procurement: Acquisition/Negotiation Process and Vendor Relationship Management, International Computer Negotiations, Inc., 17-18 Oct, 2000.

·         UML: OO Analysis and Design Using Unified Modelling Language, QA Training, 3-7 April, 2000.

·         Securities Finance & Repo, FinTuition, 12-13 Dec, 2000.

·         Java Programming (Java 2), Sun Microsystems ref. UK-SL-275, London, 15-19 Nov, 1999.

·         22nd International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB), Bombay, India, 3-6 Sept, 1996.

·         DB2 Parallel Edition for AIX/6000, IBM Ref. CF07/CF08, Southampton, 8-12 July, 1996.

·         Structured Programming Workshop, BIS Applied Systems ref. SPW 603, 17-21 March, 1986. 

·         TANDEM Concepts and Facilities (Architecture, COBOL, SCOBOL), 1 week, Jan, 1985.

·         COBOL/Assembler/Structured Programming/Banking, Barclays Bank PLC, 7 weeks, 1984.





¨       Refereed Journal Papers

·         Papiani, M., Wason, J., L., Dunlop, A., N. and Nicole, D., A. A Distributed Scientific Data Archive Using the Web, XML and SQL/MED. ACM SIGMOD Record, Vol. 28(3), Sept, 1999.

·         Papiani, M., Hey, A., J., G. and Hockney, R., W. The Graphical Benchmark Information Service. Scientific Programming, Vol. 4(4), 1995, 219-227. ISSN 1058-9244.


¨       Refereed Conference Proceedings

·         Papiani, M., Wason, J., L. and Nicole, D., A. An Architecture for Management of Large, Distributed, Scientific Data Using SQL/MED and XML. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT), Konstanz, Germany, March, 2000.

(Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1777, Springer-Verlag, 2000. ISBN 3-540-67227-3)


¨       Banking IT Awards

·         2011 Innovation in Banking Technology Award ( for GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) Deployment for Risk Computation

  • 2010 American Financial Technology Award ( for Best Green IT Initiative for global Platform Symphony GRID deployment globally with corresponding performance increase and hardware decrease.
  • 2002/2003Best Investment Bank on the Internet Award’ for UBS: PM for the Convertible Bond Website that contributed to this award. Also Best Convertibles in 2005.





·         Sport: Taekwondo Black Belt/Krav Maga/Real Combat System (Training with Geoff Thompson)/Boxing/Gym

·          Adventure Holidays (e.g. Sea-Kayaking in Vancouver, Inca Trail in Peru)