Dr Mark Papiani - Publications/Conference & Workshop Presentations

¨       PhD Thesis

·         Papiani, M., ‘An Architecture for Management of Large, Distributed, Scientific Data’, University of Southampton, May 2000.

¨       Refereed Journal Papers

·         Papiani, M., Wason, J., L., Dunlop, A., N. and Nicole, D., A. A Distributed Scientific Data Archive Using the Web, XML and SQL/MED. ACM SIGMOD Record, Vol. 28(3), September, 1999, 56-62. ISSN 0163-5808.

·         Dunlop, A.N., Papiani, M. and Hey, A., J., G. Providing Access to a Multimedia Archive Using the World-Wide Web and an Object-Relational Database Management System. IEE Computing & Control Engineering Journal, Vol. 7(5), October, 1996, 221-6. ISSN 0956-3385.

·         Papiani, M., Hey, A., J., G. and Hockney, R., W. The Graphical Benchmark Information Service. Scientific Programming, Vol. 4(4), 1995, 219-227. ISSN 1058-9244.

·         Also appears In: Hockney, R., W. The Science of Computer Benchmarking, Philadelphia, USA, SIAM, 1996, 104-15. ISBN 0-89871-363-3.

¨       Refereed Conference Proceedings

·         Papiani, M., Wason, J., L. and Nicole, D., A. An Architecture for Management of Large, Distributed, Scientific Data Using SQL/MED and XML. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT), Konstanz, Germany, March, 2000. (Word doc)

(In: Zanolio, C., Lockermann, P., C., Scholl, M., H. and Grust, T., edsAdvances in Database Technology, EDBT 2000, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1777, Springer-Verlag, 2000. ISBN 3-540-67227-3)

·         Papiani, M., Dunlop, A., N. and Hey, A., J., G. Automatic Web Interfaces and Browsing for Object-Relational Databases, Advances in Databases: Proceedings of the 15th British National Conference on Databases, BNCOD15, London, 7-9th July, 1997, 131-2.

(In: Embury, S., M., Fiddian, N., J., Gray, W., A. and Jones, C., J., eds. Advanced in Database, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1271, Springer-Verlag, 1997. ISBN 3-540-63263-8.)

¨       Refereed Poster Sessions

·         Papiani, M., Dunlop, A., N. and Hey, A., J., G. Automatic Web Interfaces and Hypertext Browsing for Object-Relational Databases, The Eighth ACM International Conference on Hypertext, Southampton, England, April 1997.

¨       International Conference Tutorial Presentations

·         Dunlop, A., N. and Papiani, M. Java, the Web and Databases. Tutorial session, Euro-par’98, 4th International Euro-Par Conference. 1-4 September 1998, University of Southampton.

¨       Invited Talks

·         Papiani, M., Dunlop, A., N. and Hey, A., J., G. Automatically Generating World-Wide Web Interfaces to Relational Databases, British Computer Society Seminar Series on New Directions in Systems Development: Intranets The Corporate Superhighway, University of Wolverhampton, April 1997.

·         Papiani, M. Parkbench (PARallel Kernels and BENCHmarks) Release 1.0 and the Graphical Benchmark Information Service (GBIS), In: Proceedings of the RAPS (Real Applications on Parallel Systems) Workshop, Graz, Austria, 18 May, 1995.